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Success Story of Farmers BY (Update 30 April 16)
Dr. Ravinder Kumar, Dr. Umesh Singh and Dr. B. Praksh
ICAR-Central Institute for Research on Cattle, Meerut Cantt. Meerut-250 001(UP) INDIA
Farmer Personal details:
Name :   Manish Bharti
Fathers' Name : Mr Vinod Bharti
Village : Arnawali Tehsils & District- Meerut
Phone No : 9837004042
Email : bhartimilksplash@gmail.com
Date of birth : 9th Nov 1972
Education : B.com, MBA Marketing
Mr. Manish Bharti, resident of village- Arnawali of Meerut district of Uttar Pradesh was a traditional dairy farmer. He possesses about 25 acre of land which includes his house and cattle shed. After completion of his MBA degree he was struggling to become a successful entrepreneur in dairy sector. He approached the scientists of ICAR- Central Institute for Research on Cattle, Meerut Cantt. Meerut and was advised to attend a program on scientific dairy farming focused on breeding and feeding improvement of cattle. He subsequently attended same. He started his dairy business in 2012 with 4 cows with average production of 35 litres per day on trail basis. Very soon he realised that the dairy industry is not at all organised at grass root level and the farmers are not getting the right price for the milk they produce.

Machine milking parlour at farmer door
He decided to sell the raw cow milk under their own brand and got it registered with the Bharti Milk Splash trade mark. In 2013 he decided to expand his dairy and took the help of PCDF, U.P. Govt. for 24 cows project and got it financed from bank. ICAR-Central Institute for Research on Cattle, Meerut provided the necessary technical inputs and good quality semen and knowhow of organized cow dairy.
In 2014, with the help of ultra Morden milking pipeline parlour with automatic milk handling facility, he is able to milk his cows in the best hygienic way. The chilling plant which is connected with milking pipeline parlour and packing machines is able to provide milk with best hygiene even without pasteurization as the milk is not exposed to air and environment and no hand handling. Under the guidance of CIRC MEERUT today he is able to produce the best quality milk with healthy herd.

Elite cow herd at farmer door
He is selling milk at the rate of 50/ per litre from retail counter and @ Rs.54/ to home delivery customer when other farmers are getting Rs. 30/- per litre by selling to various agencies. Currently he owns about 50 cows producing on an average of 300 litre milk per day and is able to sell entire production under his own brand. He also offers farm fresh cow milk shake with different flavours at his retail outlet. He has special insulated boxes and a delivery van for home delivery of milk to provide on the door service. His total farm operations are managed through 15 KVA Biogas Generator set and the entire cow dunk is use in his own farm for routine agriculture replacing the chemicals fertilizers completely.
With the help of 50 cows today he has yearly turnover of Rs. 55/-lakhs. Today Mr. Manish Bharti has proved his strength as a farmer by adopting scientific dairying and is happy to share his knowledge and experiences with other farmers. Because he believes that power of producer, when matched with scientific farming and marketing skills, is the only way out for better rural development in this country.

Milk processing unit

Sale of milk with brand name
Success Story of Farmers BY
Dr. Ravinder Kumar, Dr. Suresh Kumar and Dr. B. Praksh
ICAR- Central Institute for Research on Cattle, Meerut Cantt. Meerut-250 001(UP) INDIA
Farmer Personal details:
Name :   Shobhit Kumar Tyagi
Fathers' Name : Late Shri Madan Pal Tyagi
Village : Village – Kakkeypur, Post – Bhuni
Tehsil – Sardhana, Distt – Meerut
U.P - 250344
Phone No : 08126495830
Date of birth : 28 April, 1983
Education : 12th (PCM)
Profession : Dairy Farm and Agrofarming
Livestock is important asset for the farmers and critical in supporting their livelihoods. Cow keeping can be an economical and sustainable profession as demonstrated by Mr. Shobit Kumar Tyagi of Kakepur village of Meerut district of Uttar Pradesh. He was a small and traditional dairy farmer. He possesses about 9 acre of land which includes his house and cattle shed. He was struggling to become a dairy entrepreneur. One day, he came in contact with the Scientists of ICAR Central Institute for Research on Cattle, Meerut Cantt. Meerut and subsequently was advised to gain knowledge on scientific dairy farming focused on breed improvement of cattle. He started his journey in 2010 with three cows along with his ancestral farming. Presently he has more than 210 Indigenous (Sahiwal, Rathi, Gir, Hariana breeds) and 66 high yielding crossbred cows (ranging between 15-20 kg milk per days). In the span of last five years, he has achieved many milestones, these include supplying of various dairy products. He mainly prepares ghee using cream separation which is sold at Rs. 550 per Kg. and also by the traditional churning method which is sold @ Rs. 1000/- per Kg., Additionally, butter milk is sold at Rs. 20-25/kg.. He also started making compost manure from cow dung for his own farming and production of bio-gas using cow dung at a small scale. He is not applying chemical fertilizers in his fields. Before coming into contact of this institute, he was not aware of scientific rearing of his cattle, the production of his cows was very low and his expenditure was more on animal health. He is now getting about 600 kg of milk per day and earning about Rs.50,000 to 100000 per month. Besides increased milk yield, he is also benefitted by the institute in getting scientific guidance on feeding and management of cows, receipt of good quality semen, preventive health care, first aid for his animals and feed supplements. He is using homemade concentrate for balancing the diet of cow herd and animals are so healthy that they rarely fall ill. Mostly feed and fodder are self-cultivated but occasionally purchasing from other farmers.

Additional income has helped him to convert a temporary shed in to 04 permanent self-constructed tinned roof well aerated and comfortable shed with 10,000 sq. feet covered area for animals. His family is also enjoying a good socioeconomic status in the village and they are all leading a comfortable life. In future, he plans to increase the production of bio gas and promote the self treatment by Gopanch i.e. Gomutra, Goarka from cow dung, Cow milk, Cow butter milk and Cow ghee. His whole family feels indebted to ICAR-CIRC, Meerut for bringing happiness and change in their life. Mr Shobit Kumar Tyagi has become a live example and role model for a number of unemployed youths of this area.
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