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Mera Gaon Mera Gaurav Initiative (Update 28 Sep 16)
Mera Goan Mera Gaurav (My Village My Pride) Initiative has been launched by Honb.Prime-Minister with the objective to provide farmers with required information,knowledge and advisories on regular basis by adopting villages. Under this scheme each scientist of the institute has to adopt at least one village and thereby forming multidisciplinary scientists groups.

In View of the above mentioned Mera Goan Mera Gaurav (My Village My Pride) Initiative the following four multidisciplinary groups alongwith their group leaders , coordinators and scientists of each group are formed with the approval of the competent authority.
Group Group Leader Group Coordinator Members
Group -I Dr. Suresh Kumar D.S. , PS     Dr.S.Saha  Sr. Sci.
Dr. Naresh Prasad, Sci.
Dr.Y.K. Soni,Sci
Dr. Rajib Deb, Sci.
Sh. Jitender Kumar, STO
Group Group Leader Group Coordinator Members
Group -II Dr.R. Prasad,        PS Dr.Sushil Kumar, PS Dr.Mahesh Kumar PS
Dr. J.K. Singh, Sr. Sci.
Dr. N. SreevastavaSr.Sci.
Dr.S.K. Rathee,Sci.
Sh. Chhote Singh, T.O.
Group Group Leader Group Coordinator Members
Group -III Dr.S. Tyagi,   PS Dr. Suresh Kumar D.S. PS Dr.A.S. Sirohi ,Sr.Sci.
Dr T.V. Raja,Sr. Sci.
Dr NaimiChand,Sr.Sci
Sh. C.P. Singh, CTO
Group Group Leader Group Coordinator Members
Group -IV Dr. Umesh Singh,  PS Dr. Ravinder Kumar,Sr. Sci. Dr.A.K.Das,PS
Dr. PramodSingh,PS
Dr.MeghaPandey Sci.
Dr. Rafeeque Rahman, Sci.
Dr Rani Alex,Sci
*Any scientist as per the need may
The initiative Mera Goan Mera Gaurav (My Village My Pride ) has been implemented in 22 selected villages ( आजमपुर, डूंगर, बाड़म, जटपुरा, पुरुस्वास, टीकरी, बूढ़पुर, इस्लामाबाद छिलौराए कुमहेड़ा गढ़ी, रसूलपुर औरंगाबाद, सैनी, सालारपुर जलालपुर, अंजोली, कलंजरी, पांचली, सोहरका, उपलेहड़ा, नीमखेड़ी, मामेपुर, ललसाणा, धंजू , खीमावटी ) around Meerut by ICAR –Central Institute for Research on Cattle, Meerut Cantt. for facilitating direct interface of scientists with the farmers to provide technological inputs, knowhow ,knowledge and advisories on regular basis . For reaching the farmers all the scientists have been involved by making four core groups of 5-6 scientists each involving multi disciplinary and heterogeneous subject matter specialists each led by a senior member with one member secretary to regularly interact with the farmers and make the farmers aware and make them acquainted with newer innovative agricultural and allied technologies, farm practices and scientific methods in agriculture ,animal husbandry ,dairying and other related fields like conservation agriculture, climate smart agriculture ,water harvesting and moisture conservation, diversified agriculture, integrated farming system, importance of quality germ-plasm and conservation ,multiplication and upgradation of germplasm of their livestock, waste management and wormi-composting. The post harvest technologies and processing and value addition using secondary agriculture were also focussed during the interactions.

The clinical health camps for addressing the infertility in farm animals, health examination, treatment and deworming and other animal related activities were undertaken during the camps. Importance of vaccination, deworming, good nutrition, health and hygiene, importance of superior germ plasm for genetic improvement,. Artificial insemination, quality of semen and reproduction management including timely insemination, estrus detection, source of semen and precautions during artificial insemination were also discussed at length at times and were also demonstrated.

The collaborative programmes with state government, IIFSR and public entrprisers were also organised for clean milk production and dugdhutpadakgosthies were organised with quality India limited to sensitize the farmers for increasing the productivity and quality as well as value addition of their produce to enhance their income from the farm.

Mera Goan Mera Goan Initiateve was also highlighted during Kisan Mela/Krishi Unnatimela/State govt .organised Virat Kisan Sammeelan.During the last six months we have reached more than one thousand farmers through direct interface, distributed the farmer friendly related technical information through pamphlets, literature etc.

Based on the primary survey and positive response shown by the farmers and their gram Pradhans the following villages are adopted by the scientists of Group III.
Sr.no. Name of villages Group III       (Name of Scientists) Remark
1. Boodhpur DrSrikantTyagi,            PS –Group Leader
Dr.Suresh Kumar D.S.,  PS –Group Coordinator
Dr.A.S. Sirohi               Sr.Sci.
Dr  T.V. Raja                 Sr.Sci.
Dr.Naimi Chand,           Sr.Sci.
The activities has been initiated  collectively
2 Salarpur Jalalpur
3. Rasulpur Aurangabad
4. Islamabad Chhilora
5. KunheraGarhi
6. Saini


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