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16 Indian and 06 International Journal have been subscribed during 2015.  During this period, Library procured more books making a total of 1982 book on it rolls.  Hindi (02 papers) and English (03 papers) daily newspapers along with literary magazines were also made available to the readers in the library.  Library facilities were also allowed to users from sister organizations and State Agricutural universities.  Facility of scanning photographs was also provided to the scientists of various projects.(Update 25 Jan 16)
The library of Directorate has 885 books on different subjects in animal sciences including statistics and computer programming for use of scientists. In addition, 294 books in Hindi are available for use of all staff. As on 31.03.2007, library has on its rolls a total of 1179 books.
1 Annual Reports, Newsletters etc. of various Animal Sciences Research Institutes and some other ICAR Institutes.
2 AGRIS-CD Database covering the period from 1975 to November 2001.
3 BEASTCD Database from 1973 to February 2004.
4 VET-CD Database from 1973 to November 2004.
5 Intellectual Property Rights (IPR): Key to New Wealth, a Multimedia Interactive Package on IPR on CD-ROM.
6 CD-ROM 2004 Edition of Animal Health and Production Compendium by CAB International.
7 Eight educational Video Tapes.
8 Hindi English daily Newspapers along with literary magazines are made available to the readers in the library.
Indian Journals
1 Agricultural News
2 Asian Agri-History
3 Indian Dairyman
4 Indian Farmers’ Digest
5 Indian Farming
6 Indian Journal of Animal Research
7 Indian Journal of Animal Sciences
8 Indian Journal of Dairy Science
9 Indian Veterinary Journal
10 Animal Nutrition & Feed Technology
11 Kheti
12 Krishi Chayanika
13 Sankhya
14 Indian Journal of Animal Production
15 Indian Journal of Animal Reproduction
16 Krishi Vistar Samiksha
17 Agricultural For Farmers Review
18 Intensive Agriculture
19 Unnat Krishi
Foreign Journals
1 Animal Breeding Abstracts
2 Dairy Science Abstracts
3 Nutrition Abstracts and Reviews, Series B : Livestock Feeds and Feeding
4 Theriogenology
5 Journal of Animal Science
6 Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences
7 Journal of Dairy Science
8 Journal of Animal Breeding & Genetics
9 Animal Biotechnology
10 Animal Genetics
11 Genetics, Selection, Evolution
12 Animal Reproduction Science
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