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Title of the project Name of PI with associates Brief objectives Duration with date of start and end Brief highlights Total outlay
(Rs in lakhs)
Studies on genetic aspects of Holstein- Sahiwal crossbreds (Frieswal Project) Dr. Sushil Kumar
Dr S. Tyagi  
Dr Rajib Deb
Dr. Rani Alex Dr Nami Chand Dr A.S. Sirohi
To study the genetic and phenotypic variance in milk production of Holstein-Sahiwal crossbreds and associated characters related to growth, production, reproduction and survival, and covariances among all these characters with a view to develop suitable selection criteria for improving milk production.

To undertake progeny testing of a large number of bulls, their selection on the basis of the genetic merit and utilizing them in Military Farms (MFs) and other crossbreeding programmes.
Long term Project (3rd   November 1987    –
A total of 90 Frieswal bulls have so far been evaluated for their genetic merit on the basis of 1st lactation milk yield.

The breeding value of top 10 bulls ranged from 2970 (+146) to 3092 (+268) kg.
Genetic studies on performance of important indigenous breeds of cattle and their improvement through selection (Indigenous Breeds Project) Dr Umesh Singh 
Dr. T.V. Raja Dr Amod Kumar
To study the genetic and phenotypic variances in milk and covariances among milk and draft and associated economic characters such as growth, reproduction and survival with a view to develop suitable selection criteria for improving draft/draft and milk.

To undertake testing and selection of bulls for bringing improvement in populations involved.

To provide superior germplasm for utilization in development programs for improving draft/draft and milk production.
Long term Project    (3rd 
November  1987   –
A total of 23 Ongole bulls and 33 Hariana bulls have been evaluated on the basis of their first lactation daughter’s milk yield.

The breeding value of top 5 bulls ranged from 901.75 (+27.17) to 927.56 (+52.98) kg in Hariana and 553.95 (+14.93) to 568.42 (+29.41) kg in Ongole, respectively.    

Draught power of 64 bulls was estimated by using single harness plough with digital dynamometer and  varied from 0.52 to 1.13 H.P. among the bulls.
Field recording of performance data for undertaking large scale progeny testing 
(Field Progeny Testing Project)
Dr. A.K. Das Dr R. Kumar Dr. S. K. Rathee To undertake progeny testing of       frieswal bulls on a large scale in the field. Long term Project ( 3rd 
November 1987 –
Milk production per cow has increased by 244 kg at BAIF, 454 kg at GADVASU and 983 kg at KAU over last 16 years.   745.98
Determination of milk composition in Frieswal cattle. Dr. Sushil Kumar To determine the milk composition of Frieswal breed. Long term Project (February
2005 –
Average Fat, Protein, Lactose and SNF percentage was 3.91±0.01, 3.03±0.01, 4.54±0.01 and 8.29±0.01 in the milk of Frieswal cows.    --
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