( ISO 9001:2008 - Certified )
Externally Funded (National)
Title of the project Name of PI with associates Brief objectives Duration with date of start and end Brief highlights Total outlay
(Rs in lakhs)
Genetic basis of inferior sperm quality and fertility of crossbred bulls Dr. Sushil Kumar , Dr. Umesh Singh,
Dr. Indrajit Ganguly,
Dr. Mahesh Kumar,
Dr D K Mandal
To study the inheritance of semen quality, freezability and fertility of crossbred bulls based on available information

To study the global gene expression of sperm of crossbred bulls for identifying the upregulated and downregulated genes

To study the effect of crossbred semen on embryonic development with special reference to Y chromosome microdeletion and epigenetic modification
3 years 3
months   ( 14th
January 2009 - 31st March 2014)
Collected & computerized pedigree information of 480 Frieswal bulls.

Semen quality of 23 Frieswal bulls was evaluated and the bulls were categorized.

Project website was developed: www.crossbredbulls.com  
Percoll gradient
fractionation of spermatozoal population, sperm RNA isolation and transcriptome analysis are in progress.
Characterization and differentiation of embryonic and spermatogonial stem cells in cattle and buffaloes Dr. Mahesh Kumar,
Dr. A.K. Mathur,
Dr. S. Tyagi
Dr. D.K. Mandal
Standardization of conditions for in vitro culture of bovine embryonic and spermatogonial stem cells.

Characterization of stem cells using surface and intracellular markers.

To elucidate the differentiation potential of cultured stem cells.

To test the developmental competence of stem cells using in vivo mouse and bovine models.
3 years 3
months  (July 2008 to March 2014)
To obtain the quality germ plasm from poor bulls by transplantation of spermatogonial stem cells for the elite bulls to the testis of bulls with poor breeding soundness. 80.50
Molecular Characterization and Analysis of genetic polymorphism in Integrin alpha beta 6 receptor gene associated with Foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) cell tropism in cattle Dr. Rani Singh Scientist (under Women Scientist scheme, DST, GOI) Associate Scientist/Mentor:
Dr. Rajib Deb
To Clone and characterize the full length Integrin alpha beta 6 gene of cattle

To identify the genetic polymorphism of Integrin alpha beta 6 gene among indigenous and crossbreed cattle

To analyse the expression profile of Integrin alpha beta 6 gene among FMD susceptible and resistant cattle breed
To characterize thefull length Integrin alpha beta 6 gene of cattle and to identify SNPs within the gene among FMDV susceptible and tolerance cattle breeds 23.10 lakhs
Cataloguing of microRNA transcripts during thermal stress and their crosstalk with heat shock protein 70 mRNA in cattle  Dr. Rajib Deb To discover miRNA biomarkers related to cellular thermal stress among native and crossbred cattle 3 years
(Nov 2015- Oct 2018)
Cataloguing of microRNAs related to thermal stress in cattle 23.00 lakhs
Dynamics of circulatory microRNA profile among motile and impaired bull spermatozoa: a novel approach to discover biomarkers Dr.Rani Singh
Dr. Rajib Deb
  To develop microRNA based biomarkers related to spermatozoal quality in bulls 3 years (July 2016 –June 2019) Discovery of microRNAs related to bull infertility 42.98 lakhs
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