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The Central Institute for Research on Cattle (CIRC) was founded as a nodal institution to monitor, coordinate and support all research and development projects for cattle improvement in the VII Five year Plan on 3rd November 1987 at Military Farms School & Research Centre, Meerut, by upgrading the status of All-India Coordinated Research Project (AICRP) on Cattle. The institute was conceived to take advantage of the achievements made in the AICRP and earlier crossbreeding experiments at organized farms and under field conditions for evolution of a national milch breed (Frieswal Project) from a reasonably large crossbred base (Sahiwal x Holstein-Friesian), which was a limiting factor under AICRP on Cattle. Keeping in view the importance of indigenous breeds, known for their adaptability and disease resistance qualities, Indigenous Breeds Project (IBP) was undertaken in collaboration with the SAUs, State Govt. and Non Government Organizations. Similarly, Field Progeny Testing (FPT) project was undertaken to bring about improvement in crossbred cattle at farmers’ herd. After initial set up at Military Farm School and Research Centre, CIRC had been functional at Shastri Nagar and later on at Modipuram, Meerut, before it finally shifted to its present location occupying a 30 acres campus at Grass Farm Road, Meerut Cantt, where the Directorate’s own building has come up in the year 2000. The campus boasts of lush green lawns and delightful ambiance. Directorate undertakes research, coordination and consultancy on the improvement of cattle by employing latest strategic breeding and reproductive tools and works closely with universities and other specialist institutes. Since its establishment, the CIRC has played a vital role in the country’s cattle improvement programmes and in pursuit of research.
“Improvement of cattle for high productivity and profitability.”
 Germplasm improvement and technology development for realizing enhanced productivity  and profitability.
1 To undertake basic, applied and adaptive research on all aspects of cattle production and reproduction and to standardize package of practices.
2 To evolve a national milch breed of cattle ‘FRIESWAL’, testing of crossbred bulls under field conditions and to undertake programme on genetic improvement of indigenous breeds of cattle.
CIRC main scheme
1 To undertake research in the field of cattle breeding, feeding, management and reproduction to enhance productivity and profitability.
2 To plan, coordinate and monitor the research projects on cattle.
3 To serve as national data repository and provide consultancy for cattle production and reproduction.
AICRP On Cattle
1 To develop a national milch breed of cattle ‘Frieswal’ using Holstein Friesian X Sahiwal base.
2 Conservation and genetic improvement of important indigenous cattle breeds.
3 Production of progeny tested crossbred bulls and genetic improvement of cattle under field conditions
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