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Director's Message
Innovations play an important role in food production as well as in optimizing resource utilization by farmers. An innovation is an idea, practice or object that is perceived as new by an individual or others in a given system. The technologies/practices that are developed through research are innovations which may be new varieties of crops and plants, new breeds of livestock, new chemicals and medicines, new technique of doing things etc.
Cattle rearing is an integral part of Indian farming system which is now fairly organized to become dairy industry. Country has the largest number of cattle population (190.09 million) including 33.0 million crossbreds to suit different category of farmers in various agro climatic conditions, and continues to be the highest producer of milk (155.5 MT in 2015-16).
In addition, cattle draft power, dung, meat, hide and skin also contribute significantly to out put from cattle sector. Majority of the cattle population is however, non-descript capable of producing approximately 500 kg milk in lactation. With shrinking resources, there is urgent need to genetically improve and manage these animals through modern scientific tools to enhance their productivity. CENTRAL INSTITUTE FOR RESEARCH ON CATTLE aim to improve cattle productivity in the country, through different developmental programmes. This website presents comprehensive information on this Directorate. I believe that the information available on the site will be useful to viewers including students, planners and those who are engaged in cattle rearing & development programmes.
Dr. Rajendra Prasad
Director (Acting)
Research Highlights
  • Frieswal breed of cattle (5/8 Holstein Friesian + 3/8 Sahiwal) is under the process of development at different Military Farms of the country.
  • A total of 105 Frieswal bulls have been evaluated for their genetic worth on the basis of 1st lactation performance of their daughters.
  • Genetic improvement programme of Kankrej, Sahiwal & Gir breeds has been initiated in their native tracts.
  • FPT programme has been strengthened by incorporating one more unit at Pantnagar (Uttrakhand).
The vision of CIRC is “Improvement of cattle for high productivity and profitability.”
Germplasm improvement and technology development for realizing enhanced productivity and profitability.
1. To undertake basic, applied and adaptive research on all aspects of cattle production and reproduction and to standardize package of practices.

2. To evolve a national milch breed of cattle ‘FRIESWAL’, testing of crossbred bulls under field conditions and to undertake programme on genetic improvement of indigenous breeds of cattle.
Dr. Umesh Singh, Principal Scientist, I/C ARIS Cell
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